Whether you require garden design for the whole garden or a new look for a particular area within your garden, Steve Watts of Unique Purbeck Gardens can create a design proposal for you. With his knowledge of plants Steve can advise on their suitability for position, soil type and the way that they work together to provide a pleasing design in colour and form.


Busy lives and limited leisure time or energy means that garden owners often cannot spend the time required to keep their gardens in top condition. Steve has designed and installed a number of reduced maintenance gardens in Kent and in Dorset that are easy to keep looking good with the minimum of attention.


If you would like to discuss ways in which your garden could be redesigned to make it easier to tend, click on the Contact button for a consultation, a quote, or simply to chat through the options offered.


Maybe you would prefer a more traditional garden, perhaps with a focal point created by a plant or even a sculpture. Steve has close contacts with an ARBS sculptor and is able to advise and arrange this for you.


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